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Participation fee

Members of supporting associations:

The participation fee for members of the DVCA and associated members of the supporting associations (NVP, ESTVCA, LTVCA, LITVCA, IVCA, CAPE, SECA, NVCA, BVA, BVK, PSIK, BVCA, FVCA, IVCA, ASCRI, APRI, AIFI, LPEA, AVCO, AFIC,,, HVCA and SVCA) is 695€ pr. person + VAT.

Please note though, that the member fee for GPs that are venture capital funds is 495€ pr. person + VAT.

Non-members of supporting associations:

Non-members of the supporting associations may also participate for 1395€ pr. person + VAT.

Venture capital funds who are not members of the supporting associations may participate for 995€ pr. person + VAT.


There will be no refunds for cancellations after February 13, 2018.

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