The NFS – the Nordic Fundraising Summit – is a two day event held once a year by the Active Owners Danmark

The Nordic Fundraising Summit 2021 has been postponed till October 5-6 2021!

The event gathers LPs and GPs form far and wide who participate in order to fundraise and network amongst each other. As opposed to other conferences, that NFS consist 90% of private meetings between the participants. The LPs are ‘fixed’ in their own meeting rooms and the GPs book meetings with them throughout the two days. It is a very efficient and ‘let’s get down to business’- kind of event.

Approximately one month before the conference, we will open for the matchmaking between the LPs and the GPs. The two groups can then contact each other and book meetings. It is preferred to sign up at least a month before.

LPs, GPs, participants who pose as both and placement agents (special rules apply).



LP’s have their own private room, and as usual the private meetings will not contain more than 5-6 people.
–          Liberal amounts of sanitising spray will be available at the event, and we advise participants not to shake hands.
–          Just now we have few to no covid-restrictions in Denmark. No assembly ban, nor do masks have to be worn in public anymore.
–         The quarantine rules that apply when coming from a certain geography, must be obeyed.